Employees want to:

  • Have flexibility – They have lives outside of their jobs that require attention as well. 
  • Sense of belonging – They want to feel belonging, appreciation and trust amongst their colleagues.
  • Room for growth – We all want to grow as individuals and as employers we should provide the room to do so be it career or personal. 
  • Be valued.

Therefore, throughout the last decades we have seen much change in the employee value propositions or EVPs. 

As generations grow and develop every organization must update their talent strategy – first starting with the EVPs they wish to be imposed amongst their organizations. Therefore, throughout out recent experiences of helping clients find their future careers we have identified five truths that should be presented amongst the employers EVP to have saucerful hiring rates. 

  1. Have a purpose. Employees are always increasingly looking to join organizations that have greater purposes beyond what they profit. They want to give back while receiving the basics of everyday experiences. Creating a EVP that clearly states what their purpose beyond their profitability is what provides your organization with individuals who want to achieve the greater good. 
  2. Your words, actions, and mindset much match the employees’ experiences. Finding balance about where you invasion your goals to go must match with what you are doing to get there.  Saying and doing are two different things but you must combine the two so that it brings meaning to the outside world. 
  3. Doing and then creating. You must first look at the people involved in the creation process of your vision to make sure that it is real and aspiration. Giving your employees to speak highly of you as an organization is the most powerful thing found to create success. 
  4. Your EVP must be genuine and authentic. Making a EVP that is authentic to your vision shows what you value as an organization. Saying your story of who you are, what you stand for and where you see the future of your individual organization shows the genuine aspect of you. This is what current as well as future employee are looking for – authenticity. 
  5. Growth, belonging, and flexibility. How do you as an organization make sure that everyone feels these three elements in their daily work atmospheres. How do you help people grow and learn? Does it have the accommodations that everyone is seeking within this organization? These are the questions all employees and employers should ask themselves when reconstructing new EVP plans. 

With simple refreshing of your employee value propositions you are in the first step to hiring some of the best talent today and in the future years to come. However, it is not just a one-step deal. As the world of work today continually changes with far-reaching effects  the aspects of employees lifecycles within organizations and even business models continue to change and grow. Each organization is different as are its talent needs, so consider those when approaching a new EVP model.